Asclepias Beatrix®: The royal cut flower

This Asclepias derives her royal name not only from the orange colour, but most of all from the exclusivity of the flower. The Asclepias Beatrix is in demand with the flower wholesaler and florist because of its shape, colour and excellent vase life. Asclepias is very suitable as a mono or mixed flower bouquet.

16 plants per meter planting bed / 10 plants per m2.
It is best to plant directly in 2 layers of rose wire-netting.

Conditions and temperature
An early start is necessary for the highest production. In Holland this means planting from week 12 through 16. It is important to plant several times (3 or 4 times) in order to realize an even production. The temperature can be approximately 17ᵒ C. The average night temperature is for the whole growing period 18ᵒ C. Hot weather can cause problems at the start of the growth.

Shading and light chalking is needed during hot weather from the start of growing. Redusol or reduwiet can be applied, this has to be removed at the end of August. If La Blance is applied, it is usually faded by the rain at the end of August. Be careful that enough light shines through the chalk. Apply chalk in coarse spatters.

Appr. 2 or 3 weeks after planting plants will have to be pinched. Plants with more than one stems, the largest stem will be topped. This for a constant production.

At first it is necessary to grow vegetative. This means that plants need to be watered regularly and can never be in a stress situation. When the plant is showing good growth, more fertilizer can be applied. At all times vegetative fertilization is needed. During the growth pay attention to the length of the plant and apply calcium accordingly. The climate needs to be kept very active. Too moist will cause problems with breaking the cells. Once every 5 days water underneath and from October once every week, preferably early in the morning.

Before growing Asclepias Beatrix the soil needs to be steamed or disinfected in another way.

Botrytis is caused by a bad climate and on the surfaces. Cut stems directly above the internodes, so that only a short piece of stem is left. At the first sign of infections it is necessary to spray underneath. From above not enough with be left on the plant. Keep the humidity level at 80% and sufficient air movement in the greenhouse.

Aphids & Trips
Tackle lice with pesticides like Pirimor, Admire, Tepekki. Preventive spraying against trips is needed, pesticides that can be used: Decis, Actara, Admire, Conserve, Mesurol.

Fertilization of Beatrix is fairly neutral. There are no special needs. Be careful to add micro elements and the need for Magnesium.

Pre-Planting fertilization
Fertility needs to be checked by a soil sample. Pay attention that no more than 10 kg fertilizer per 100m2 is given before planting. Do not use too much nitrogen in the stock. This is not needed and will cause burning in young roots. After the steaming DCM fertile soil and/or Biofeed can be worked with.

Extra Fertilization
Extra fertilization is done after checking the plants. At the beginning nitrogen and when plants are growing well, apply more potash. Use magnesium and micro elements constantly. Kristalon fertilization works well. Start with yellow, during growth use blue and later in the growth use blue and white alternately.

By using an A and B bucket quick corrections can be made at too much or not enough growth in length.

Soil disinfection and preparation
If needed steam the soil. The soil needs to be well-drained. Light rototilling before planting can be done. Pulling the soil apart and roughly digging the soil will give the best results.

Water in the beginning from above. Later in growth, water underneath. A light spraying of water can be given during hot weather.

Watering underneath has the advantage if pesticides need to be applied by means of the watering system.

With pipe heating only a net above the plants is needed. If an under- and above net are used, these will have to be adjustable separately and the pipes underneath will have to be warm enough ( no condenser net). A combination with hot air heating system results in the addition of CO2 which is positive for the plants.

Lighting with 15 watt per meter. Day lengthening with 18 hours per day. Evening and morning lighting is possible. Night lighting is not preferable.

Cutting maturity
The stems of Asclepias Beatrix are cut with 3 flowers open, for best result at the consumers.

Harvest and supply
Cut right above the internodes and always leave one or two pair of leaves for the re-growth. 10 stems per bunch in a plastic Beatrix sleeve, 40 stems in a large auction container. Length 40 cm in a small auction container.

In Sts (silver thiosulfate) not too long, after changing add a Chlorine pil.

Good hygiene measures always work positive to prevent moulds. If you wish, we have professional photography available of all varieties.

Asclepias Beatrix® is a brand name and / or breeders right protected, exclusively traded via licence by Green Works International, B.V. Not suitable for consumption.

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