Cut flowers overview from Green Works

Green Works has many varieties cut flowers in it’s assortment. Cut flowers are available in many forms and sizes with also many different purposes. The cut flowers are being growed for use in a beautiful mono or mixed bouquet, for use in a vase, as a perennial in the garden and for many other purposes.

The different varieties all have their own quality which make them very desired with the traders and florists. And with these qualities we mean:

  • Beautiful colours
  • Exclusive varieties
  • Long shelf life
  • Very large flowers
  • Winterhardy
  • Strong stems
  • Fashionable appearance
  • Special shapes

See the most important characteristics from the available cut flower varieties at Green Works below.

Asclepias BeatrixAsclepias Beatrix

The Asclepias Beatrix is very popular with florists and traders. This is not surprising because it is a very exclusive flower which is striking duet o it’s beautiful shapes and orange colour. This cut flower also has a long shelf life to enjoy it even longer!

Tip: Start early for the best possible production. Start from week 12 till week 16 with planting, based on the environment in the Netherlands

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Herewith we would like to offer you our assortment of Peonies for cut flower production. We invested many years in this new and improved assortment of Peonies. We can supply new and improved varieties as well as the older varieties in good quantity. We grow all of our Peonies in Holland on sandy soil on a two-years growing cycle. This way we make sure you get healthy, fresh stock which produces a good crop of peonies. Besides Peonies for cut we also supply Peonies for pot. We have a specific assortment for this market. In the end of May to early June are our peony fields a beautiful sight of flowers and varieties.

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Itoh Peony

Itoh peonies originated from a cross between lactiflora (general peony) and suffruticosa (tree peony). As a result the plant develops beneath the soil as a normal peony (easy to divide) and above the soil as a tree peony. This results in the ultimate garden peony with lots of decorative value. When an Itoh peony has been grown for several years it is not unusual for the plant to produce 50 or more flowers. After flowering the Itoh peony is still a beautiful garden plant with decorative value. Green Works has an unusual large assortment of Itoh peonies available. We have planted a large assortment of peonies on our growing location. Here we have planted over 100 varieties. If you are interested you can visit this growing location by making an appointment. We grow peonies in Limburg (two-years growing season). We supply young, healthy planting material, true to variety and true to size.

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