Peony Combinations | For export(trade) and mail order

Green Works has created several unique Peony combinations, specially selected for export(trade) and mail order. The different Peony varieties are supported by a catching name, and available promotional material, to create unique combinations. This causes a better position and distinctiveness on the Peony niche market! The special selected Peony combinations are all part of the season assortment.

Peonies in all languages

This is how Peonies are called in other countries:

United States: peony, peonies, growing peonies, planting peonies; Poland: Piwonie, uprawa piwonii, sadzenie piwonii; Italy: Peonia, coltivare le peonie, piantare le peonie; UK: peony, peonies, growing peonies, planting peonies; Canada: peony, peonies, growing peonies, planting peonies; France: Pivoine, culture de pivoines, plantation de pivoines; Germany: Pfingstrose, Pfingstrosen anbauen, Pfingstrosen pflanzen; South-Korea: 모란, 모란 재배, 모란 심기; Finland: Pioni, pionien kasvattaminen, istutus pionit; Sweden/Sverige: Pioner, odling av pioner, plantering av pioner; Kazakhstan: пион, пиондар, пиондарды өсіру, пиондарды отырғызу, pïon, pïondar, pïondardı ösirw, pïondardı otırğızw


Sales & Growing support

Do you have any questions? Or want to know more about these Peonies? Please feel free to contact us and we will inform you the best way we can.