The Patio Peony from Green Works

On the website of Laidback Gardener, a blog with attention for everything regarding flowers, plants and the garden, there is a nice article about the Patio Peonies from Green Works. Writter by... Read more

Green Works also on the road

We can't make the Dutch roads faster, but we can make them more beautiful! Because recently some unique designs of Green Works can be seen on the truck of Bakker & Schilder Transport. You... Read more

Planting Bletilla in the Westland

Just a little insight in how we plant our Bletilla in our greenhouse in the Westland, the Netherlands. The video belows show you how we plant our beautiful Bletilla in the Westland. ... Read more

The IPM 2020 is up and running, visit Green Works

The IPM 2020 in Essen, Germany, is up and running. The annual event lasts until Friday January 31. And of course Green Works is also present there. Do you want to have a look at our plants... Read more

Planting of peonies in the fog

The planting of peonies under a veil of thick fog... Which results in a beautiful picture. In some places in the Netherlands the foggy circumstances were more present than elsewhere. Like here,... Read more

Visit us during the IPM

At the end of January we can once again enjoy the annual IPM in Germany. One of the leading trade fairs for horticulture where experts from all around the world gather. And Green Works will also... Read more