Fields full of flowering CannaSol™

Have a look at our fields full of flowering CannaSol™. A colorful and truly beautiful sight to behold in Limburg, the Netherlands. We took our drone and we flew over the fields. The result: a... Read more

Digging up peonies in Limburg

In the lovely Dutch sun we are busy with digging up the peonies from our peony fields in Limburg, the Netherlands. We are making good progress. The images below show you a little bit how this... Read more

Butterfly™ Hera® through to semi-finals Glass Tulip

The Ranunculus Butterfly™ Hera® from Green Works is through to the semi-finals of the Glass Tulip award! Known as the award for the best market introduction of the year. In the categories 'Cut... Read more

Green Works busy with expanding the export space

At Green Works, we are busy expanding our export space. The new hall is already there, but we are currently working hard to prepare the entire hall for export. In preparation for the peony... Read more

Beautiful atmospheric pictures from our Peony Trial Garden

How intensively we can enjoy our peonies and our beautiful Peony test garden. Especially when everything is in bloom. Really a lovely sight to behold! And just because we can't get enough of... Read more

Green Works shows a million blooming peonies

We at Green Works take you to our beautiful peony fields in Limburg, the Netherlands. Truly a lovely sea of colors: a million blooming peonies under the sun! Our varieties grow wonderfully in... Read more