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West Country Lupines™ are very strong growers, have long heavy flower stems with large flowers covering the entire stem. West Country Lupines™ are known for their clear colors, good growing habit and there complete color assortment. West Country Lupines™ flowers naturally in April / May, for best production plant in early fall for sales in the following spring. 

Please note that cultural information and description are based on Dutch growing conditions.

Lupine West Country™ in the summer available as 60 hole plugs, 1 tissue culture plant per plug to transplant in week 35 directly to a 23 cm. Ø pot. Remove old foliage at moment when new growth starts to appear. 

Blooming time:

  • Lupine West Country™ blooms naturally in April / May.

The soil mix needs to be able to hold enough moisture with enough drainage and air for good root development. Lupine West Country™ needs a well-drained soil in winter, it does not like wet feet in winter. Make sure pots are in winter in cold greenhouse or plastic tunnel.

Recommended fertilizing schedule for beginning of crop:

  • PH: 6.0 to 6.5
  • EC: 1.0

Lupine West Country™ does not require any pinching.  


  • Fall: as per week 35


  • Planting in fall: April/May real nice suitable plants.

Watering is a very important part of the growing process. Ebb and flood watering is ideal for a uniform crop. Lupine West Country™ will also handle watering overhead during the crop, preferably in morning including fertilizer. The amount of water depends on temperature and evaporation. The potting soil should not dry out during the growing process.

When potted a light watering with clean water can be done. During the growth each watering can be combined with A + B feeding schedule, adjusted to soil analysis and water quality.

Recommended feeding schedule:

  • Ph: 6.0 to 6.5
  • EC: 2,0

Cold greenhouse or plastic tunnel; when temperature rises make sure there is enough cooling.

In spring when new growth starts to appear remove old foliage. Best to grow Lupine outdoors for most compact plant and best colour.

Growth retandant (PGR):
Lupine West Country™ can be made more compact with a light application of growth retardant, e.g. Alar (Daminozide) or Tilt.

Diseases and insects:
Lupine West Country™ has relative few problems of disease, through breeding it has no problem anymore with Colletotrichum (Lupine wilting disease). . It could be advisable to preventively treat against Mildew, Botrytis, Rhizoctonia and Verticilium shortly after planting, to apply with for example, Previcur + Topsin M or with Rizolex.

The most common insects with the Lupine West Country™ are: aphids, spider mite, white fly, caterpillar and slugs to spray for example with Vertimec and Mesurol.


Sales & Growing support

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