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Gypsophila Summer Sparkles® is very unique in its kind, because of its compact growing habit. The plant will grow approximately 30 cm. high and flowers from May through August. When the pot plant is finished blooming you can cut it for re-blooming. Gypsophila Summer Sparkles® is a perfect crop for summer production in greenhouse or outside. This variety can be used in the garden as well as on the patio.

Potting Gypsophila Summer Sparkles®

Gypsophila Summer Sparkles® is available in a 60 hole plug, 1 rooted cutting per plug, un-pinched. This plant can be best grown in a 17 to 21 cm. pot. This equates to 8 pots per m².

Once to remove the main flower stem, to get a more rounded out blooming plant.
(Remove top deep enough to prevent regrowth).

Planting and crop time

Gypsophila Summer Sparkles®  can be planted as per week 10 when planting in the greenhouse. This variety can be planted as per week 18, after night frost, when planting outside. The crop time is between the 9 and 11 weeks.


Gypsophila Summer Sparkles® needs a minimum temperature above the 12 degrees C. in the beginning (2-3 weeks) of the crop for a good and even root development.


Watering is a very important part of the growing process. Ebb and flood watering is ideal for a uniform crop. Gypsophila Summer Sparkles® will also handle watering overhead during the crop, preferably in morning including fertilizer. The amount of water depends on temperature and evaporation. The potting soil should not dry out during the growing process.


Sales and growing support

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