Echinacea cultural information and advice

Coneflower, as they are also called, is the common name for Echinacea and is a perennial. This plant originated from the plains of the USA and belongs to the family of the Asteraceae. Echinacea is very compact, winter hardy, profusely blooming and produces large flowers with beautiful coloured horizontal flower petals. This pot plant needs a moist, well-drained soil. Echinacea flowers from June till August/September.

Please note that cultural information and description are based on Dutch growing conditions.

Potting EchinaceaEchinacea Pot Plant

Echinacea is available in the spring as 60 hole plugs, 1 tissue culture plant per plug to transplant in week 20 to a 17 cm. pot.

Echinacea is available in the summer as 104 hole plugs, 1 tissue culture plant per plug to transplant in week 30 to a 9 cm. plug or 9 cm. pot. Keep over winter and transplant in early spring to a 17 - 21 cm. pot. Keep the Echinacea in the fall and winter in a cold greenhouse to protect it from water.

Echinacea is also available in early spring as a 9 cm. plug.

Echinacea can best be grown in a 17 - 21 cm. pot.

Echinacea blooming time

The flowering time of Echinacea is in the middle of the year, in the months June till August/September. For a great production it is best to plant in autumn for sales in the following summer. 

When planting in spring with a 104 plug Echinacea will be blooming in August/ Sept.

When you are potting in the fall or potting in early spring with a 9 cm. plug, Echinacea will be blooming in June.

When combining the 2 sizes in your planting getting a well spread flowering time of the Echinacea.


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