Happy Wendy®

Available: Wk. 4 to wk. 24
Plug size: 60 hole plug
Flowering time: May – September
Crop time: 8 – 11 weeks (depends on temperature)
Pot size: 17 tot 23 cm
Pots per m²: Depends on pot size
Height: ± 50 cm. (depends on variety)
Pinching: No
Topping: No
Virus free tissue culture
Winter hardy: Sensitive to frost

CannaSol™ Happy Wendy® has a pink-red color. With beautiful green foliage. CannaSol™ is hybridized to produce large flowers, self cleaning, has a compact growing habit and continue blooming. This plant is suitable for the patio, garden and public areas plantings. CannaSol™ Happy Valerie® is propagated through tissue culture and is virus free.

Sales and growing support

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