Cultural information CannaSol™

In the tropics Canna flowers year-round. CannaSol™ produces flowers around the middle of May and they will flower until the first night frost. Also the foliage is attractive with its different colors.

CannaSol™ is a complete new series of Canna for the pot. The CannaSol™ collection is made up out of a large assortment of varieties, in a wide range of colors. The compact growing habit, virus free stock, self cleaning flowers, re-blooming habit with large flowers makes this series to a wonderful collection for the patio or garden. The CannaSol™ collection is a result of a large breeding program, and varieties are well tested. CannaSol™ is only reproduced through tissue culture.

Please note that cultural information and description are based on Dutch growing conditions.

CannaSol™ plugs will be shipped in 60 hole plug.
CannaSol™ can best be grown in a 17 to 23 cm. Ø pot, 1 plug per pot.

The soil mix needs to be able to hold enough moisture with enough drainage and air for good root development.
Recommended fertilizing schedule for beginning of crop:

  • PH: 5.5 till 6.2
  • EC: 1.5

No pinching required, naturally compact plant habit.

Greenhouse: Jan till May.
Outside: After night frost till end of June (depending on location).

Crop time
8 to 11 weeks (depending on growing temperature).

Watering is a very important part of the growing process. Ebb and flood watering is ideal for a uniform crop. CannaSol™ will also handle watering overhead during the crop, preferably in morning including fertilizer. The amount of water depends on temperature and evaporation. The potting soil should not dry out during the growing process.

When watered overhead sometimes water is collected in the rolled up leafs, when temperature rises this could create some leaf damage. 

When potted a light watering with clean water can be done. During the growth each watering can be combined with A + B feeding schedule, adjusted to soil analysis and water quality.

Recommended fertilizing during crop:

  • PH: 6.0
  • EC during crop: 2,0 to 3.0 with extra Calcium

CannaSol™ needs a high light intensity during the crop, shading should not be needed (depending on local conditions).

Greenhouse temperature: 15 to 18 degrees C. (open windows at 21 to 22 degrees C.)

Growth regulators (PGR)
CannaSol™ is already naturally compact. A height of +/- 50 cm.
To control the height development of the plant you can spray with chemical growth retardants like Cycocel and/or Alar.

Diseases and insects
The fast growing CannaSol™ has relative few problems of diseases.
The most common insects with the CannaSol ™ are: Pythium, Rhizoctonia en Botrytus. For best combating, mixed with Topsin M / Previcur / Ryzolex after planting is recommended.

A clean environment always works positive on a good plant development and reduces the risk of diseases. Also we recommend spacing the plants properly in time.

We have for all varieties professional pictures, labels (picture tags) and other promotional material available, please inquire.  


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All CannaSol™ varieties are trademarked and or breeders right protected varieties. Exclusively sold by Green Works International BV. Not suitable for human consumption.