Anemone Summer Shade™, the more winter hardy Anemone

This collection of Anemone blooms from summer into the fall. These varieties originated from a large breeding program from Japan and created a collection of very compact long blooming varieties of double and single flowers. Anemone Summer Shade™ grows in full sun to partial shade. The blooming period of these extraordinary varieties starts in June. These Anamone pot plants continuously bloom into September and produce very attractive seed heads of the spend flowers.

Anemone Summer Shade™ prefers a moist soil with good drainage. The Green Works plant material is produced only through tissue culture; virus free and NAKT tested. 

Please note that cultural information and description are based on Dutch growing conditions.

Potting Anemone Summer Shade™ year round

Anemone Summer Shade™ is available in spring as 60 hole plugs, 1 tissue culture plant per plug. Thereafter the Anemones should be transplanted in week 20 to a 17 cm. pot.

Anemone Summer Shade™ is as well available in week 40 till week 15 as a 9 cm. plug.
Anemone Summer Shade™ can best be grown in a 17 to 21 cm. pot

Keep the Anamones in a cold greenhouse to protect from water in the fall and winter. In early spring the plants should be transplanted to a bigger pot from 17 to 21 cm.

Blooming time Anamone
Anemone Summer Shade™ blooms from June until September. When the 60 plugged Anamones get planted in Spring they bloom in August/September.When the Anamones are potted in fall or early spring in a 9 cm. plug the blooming time will be in June.

When you combine planting of the 2 sizes you will get a spread in your blooming time.

The soil mix needs to be able to hold enough moisture with enough drainage and air for good root development. Anemone Summer Shade™ needs a well-drained soil in winter; it does not like wet feet in winter. Make sure pots are placed in cold greenhouse or plastic tunnel during winter.
Recommended fertilizing schedule for beginning of crop: 

  • PH: 5.8
  • EC: 1,0

No pinching is required.  
Spring / early summer: to get spread in your blooming time cut back plants to delay crop. 

Anemone Summer Shade™ planting time
The best time to plant the Anamones outside is from week 18 through to week 36. 

Watering is a very important part of the growing process. Ebb and flood watering is ideal for a uniform crop. Anemone Summer Shade™ will also handle watering overhead during the crop, preferably in morning including fertilizer. The amount of water depends on temperature and evaporation. The potting soil should not dry out during the growing process. 

When potted a light watering with clean water can be done. During the growth each watering can be combined with A + B feeding schedule, adjusted to fertilizing analysis and water quality. 
Recommended feeding schedule: 

  • Ph: 5.8 to 6.0
  • EC: 1,5 to 2.0

Outside on a good container field with plenty of drainage. 
In winter in greenhouse or in plastic poly house to keep water away from the plants. 

Growth regulators (PGR)
Anemone Summer Shade™ is already a compact plant height approx. 40 cm. 
A light application of growth retardation is possible with Cycocel (Chloormequat) but not required.  

Diseases and insects
Anemone Summer Shade™ has relative few problems with disease. It is advisable to preventively treat against Botrytis. The most common insects with the Anemone Summer Shade™ are: leaf nematodes - spray for example with Vertimec Gold. 


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