Sarah Bernhardt

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Paeonia Lactiflora Sarah Bernhardt

Very large double light pink flowrs fading paler at the edges. Strong stem, and good productions for cutting. This peony was introduced over 100 years ago and was developped in France. Because of its excellent qualities it is now the most grown peony in the world.

This Paeonia Lactiflora Sarah Bernhardtis characterized by;

- Excellent health
- Beautiful tubers from a two year crop
- Big heavy flower buds
- Flower buds have a real deep pink color

In order to deliver a superior quality of plant material our plants meet the following requirements:

- Young and healthy plant material (Two year crop)
- True to variety
- Free of nematodes
- Free of invasive weeds
- Dutch grown and NAKT (Dutch Plant Inspection) inspected
- Well-sized, on average we deliver: 2-3 eyes (75 roots per lily crate)
and 3-5 eyes (50 roots per lily crate)
- For customers professional photography available

Sales & Growing support

Do you have any questions? Or want to know more about these Peonies? Please feel free to contact us and we will inform you the best way we can.