In this video you will see how Green Works is processing its peonies to get them ready for cultivation. The following subjects can be seen in the video:

  • new mist systems to prevent the plants from drying out
  • complete Track & Trace system - from start to finish
  • processing lines where the peonies are cut
  • automatic counting
  • disinfecting
  • dipping in Root & Shoot
  • Green Works Care treatment
  • packing in peat moss for export
  • inspection by Dutch authorities for export

Green Works Care

Green Works has developed an effective and environment friendly method for the control of nematodes in peonies.This method is the result of a intensive collaboration with institutes and universities in the Netherlands and abroad.

We have named this new method Green Works Care™ for peonies. We are the only company that offers this revolutionary treatment. After years of research and testing, there now is a quality alternative for the more traditional warm water treatment.

Green Works Care™ for peonies has great advantages in comparison with the warm water treatment:

  • No damage to the plants due to the warm water treatment
  • The plants do not dry out with a Green Works Care™ treatment
  • Green Works Care™ is sustainable and friendly to the environment
  • A special preventive treatment against root knot and leaf nematode
  • The plant has more growing power in the first year
  • Two or three more flower stems per plant in the second year
  • No chemicals are used in the whole process
  • As a result, the plants will not get resistant for chemicals
  • The treatment is safe. There is no risk for people, animals or the environment