As you can see in the video above, CannaSol™ is a beautiful variety. We want to share this beauty with the world. You will find more information about this virus free plants below. This unique CannaSol™ series is the result of our own breeding activities.  We know the strenghts of these plants like no other.

New: our virus free CannaSol™ tubers are available in root size nr. 1 and nr. 2!

The benefits of CannaSol™ are:

  • Virus free
  • Large flowers
  • Heat resistant
  • Long flowering time
  • Approved for export to USA / Canada
  • Very compact plant (no pinching or growth retardant needed)
  • Self-cleaning flowers

Growing information

  • Available: week 2 tot week 24
    • Plug size: 60 hole plug
  • Leverbaar: week 45 tot week 15
    • Root size: nr. 1, virus free root, 100 per crate
    • Root size: nr. 2, virus free root, 200 per crate
  • Pot size: 17 - 23 cm.
  • Growing time: 8 - 11 weeks (depends on temperature)
  • Height: about 50 cm. (depends on variety)
  • Greenhouse temperature: 12 - 21 C.

* At time of purchase, all our varieties are inclusive free support with regard to growing, promotion and photography.