It's Peony Time at Green Works

It's Peony Time at Green Works at that means that it's about time to deliver the roots. At this moment we are very busy with the processing and delivery of the peony roots. Are you wondering... Read more

CannaSol are growing beautifully in Limburg

Meanwhile in Limburg: our lovely CannaSol are growing beautifully in Limburg. And it looks amazing. The different CannaSol varieties make a beautiful sea of clear colours. The images and... Read more

Flower Day in Latvia a big success

Green Works was present during the Flower Day in Bulduri, Latvia and it was a very successful event. Daan Kneppers was there on behalf of Green Works to give a presentation about the company, but... Read more

Stand of peonies attracts a lot of attention in Latvia

Are peonies seems to be immensely popular in Latvia also. We visited Latvia to give a presentation about peonies and to let people enjoy this beautiful product. And that was the case! Hundreds... Read more

Bouquets of beautiful peonies

During the FlowerTrials we again had over one hundred vases with beautiful peonies on display. And that attracted a lot of attention. The many interested visitors clearly enjoyed our peonies.... Read more

Elles tells us about her favorite peony: Belgravia

The FlowerTrials are over and again it was a very successful event. A lot of visitors found their way to the stand of Green Works and the reactions were very positive. Everyone was wildly... Read more