The Peony Trial Garden from Green Works (2021)

Millions of Peonies are waiting to burst into flower

Digging up the peonies from our fields in Limburg, the Netherlands

This is how we process your peonies!

Green Works shows a million blooming peonies

Peony Trial Garden from Green Works shows a sea of colors

The colorful Peonies from Green Works

Enjoy our beautiful Peony Trial Garden (May 7, 2020)

Green Works' Peony Trial Garden grows beautifully (April 22, 2020)

Dancing peonies with night frost

(Source: Bart van Rixel)

Green Works brings the Peony Trial Garden to you! (April 15, 2020)

It's Peony Time!

Cultivating the soil of the Peony Trial Garden

The Peony Trial Garden is getting more beautiful

Peony Trial Garden from Green Works grows beautifully

Peony Trial Garden from Green Works

The start of the Peony season!

Blooming peonies of Green Works

Take a look at our peony fields

Earthing up the peonies

Planting peonies by machine!

Potting peonies: this is the way to do it!

Watch the current crop of the  Green Works peony fields

Digging up the Peonies!

Peony field ready to bloom!

A million blooming Peonies!

Ready to bloom!


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