Double Red®

Week 18 - week 22
Delivered as
P9 or 84 hole plug
Pot size
17 cm. - 23 cm.
Planting weeks
Week 18 - week 22
Plants per meter bed
Depends on pot size
Flowering time
November to March
Crop time
1 - 2 year(s)
Crop temperature
Cold to frost free
Cutting stage
Flower has opened and has colour
Depends on pot size with Alar
Topping / Pinching

Helleborus or. King™ Double Red® is a very popular plant. This admirable series is great for indoor, patio or garden use. Helleborus or. King™  is unique because of the very large flowers, high flower production, thick flower stems and its winter hardiness. This variety is coloured red.

Sales and growing support

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