New varieties and innovations in the Novelties Show!

The Novelties Show in Hall 1A will focus on new and unknown breeds. Green Works will be competing in the IPM Novelties Show with the following varieties:

The new Ranunculus Butterfly, a fountain of flowers!

The Ranunculus Butterfly cut flower is a new dimension in the Ranunculus categorie. The shape of this new Ranunculus Butterfly is not comparable to the double Ranunculus. The Ranunculus Butterfly is known for its great vaselife and the many flowers it has per stem. 

The Ranunculus Butterfly is growing as much as 15 till 25 flowers per stem. This makes a vase with the Ranunculus Butterfly look like a fountain of flowers! The Ranunculus Butterfly is also great to create a spring wildflower bouquet.

This variety has a good flower stem production. Besides that the flowers have a wax layer which makes them very durable. This way the consumer get to enjoy the Ranunculus Butterfly even longer!

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Agapanthus Summer Love, compact lily of love!

Agapanthus, also named African Lily, has its seeds in South Africa and belongs to the family of Liliaceae. The name Agapanthus is derived from the Greek: ‘Agape’ means love and ‘anthos’ means flower. Therefore it’s also sometimes called the flower of Love!

The African Lily is a sunbather. This plant has its seeds in the South of South Africa. For that reason it is very suitable for patio or in the Garden.

Distinguishing features of the Agapanthus Summer Love™  are:

  • Flowering all summer
  • Unique compact Agapanthus plant
  • Early flowering
  • Beautiful patio plant
  • Guaranteed blooming

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